The NanoEl project focuses on sharing the technological and human resources available at each partner university to develop teaching modules/courses in the highly interdisciplinary area of nanotechnology. All NanoEl training contents are certified, based on ECTS, and ready to be used in the partners’ MSc programmes in nanotechnologies.

Each course was designed by the best institutes in the field of nanotechnologies and nanosystems, which shared all the necessary infrastructures and facilities for applying the theoretical lessons into practical lab work. In NanoEl the students, to successfully pass the exam test, have to demostrate to be prepared on basic concepts up to practical activities that are done in the partners’ laboratories.

The learning outcomes were defined for each course with the corresponding credits after assessment, adopted by all partners. These credits were transferred to the MSc programme in nanoelectronics at the partner universities where the students were enrolled. So, the universities shared their infrastructure, technological and human resources, and recognised the common certified modules, keeping their autonomy regarding the national diploma delivery.

The added value for the students is the very high quality of the specialised courses developed by the best institutes, plus the important opportunity to be trained in practical skills and competences in laboratories with the most advanced equipments and facilities.